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Speak up, Northside

Take part in our inaugural survey of what matters to you and help make San Francisco the best it can be

What are the problems that are harming quality of life in San Francisco? What is being done about them? To get insight into how the Northside specifically and the city in general are doing in the eyes of the people who live here, this month the Marina Times presents its inaugural quality of life survey.

Help us identify and track the issues that you think need to be addressed to make San Francisco a better place in which to live, work, go to school, and play. We’re also interested in how you think our elected officials and public agencies are performing. Are they effectively solving problems? Are they even addressing the issues important to you?

Take our survey and send us your responses. Over the coming year, we will report periodically on the top concerns and the city’s response — or lack of response — to them. In future years, we will be able to see which issues recede into the background, which come to the forefront, and which are perennial concerns.

This is your time to speak up and let yourself — and the Northside — be heard!

Take our quality of life survey below. We will publish survey results in a future issue.

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