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Special Summer Cookout Facts and Figures

11 percent: Amount of increase in the cost of hosting a party of 10 this year than in 2021, according to Karol Aure-Flynn, an agriculture analyst at Wells Fargo, the source for all of these data . . . Shrinking shrimp: one of the few protein sources that hasn’t risen in price, shrimp is still below its five-year average . . .  The other value meat: pork prices have risen 3.1 percent over the past year, compared to 12–15 percent for other meats . . . 6 percent: increase in ice cream prices over the past year . . . Double: increase in avocado sales from 2018 to 2021 . . .
1 percent: increase in prices for fresh tomato, compared to an everage 7 percent boost in prices for other produce . . . . 12 percent, 15.3 percent, and 6.3 percent: the increases in prices, respectively, for regular, poultry-based, and all-beef hot dogs or frankfurters . . . 10 percent: increase in cost of hamburger and frankfurter buns . . . 11.8 percent: annual increase in price of fresh ground beef, but, as Aure-Flynn notes, “demand for pre-formed beef patties has fallen off a little this year versus previous years, so look in the frozen section for advantageous pricing” . . . Choose your poison: year to date, beer prices are up a whopping 25 percent, but wines are only up an average of 5.8 percent in that same time span; as for boring old water, that’ll cost you 9 percent more.

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