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Teaching English To Displaced Ukrainians With ENGin

A Zoom session with American volunteers (COURTESY OF KATERINA MANOFF)

Village Voice writer Kirill Frolov reports on nonprofit ENGin teaching English to displaced Ukrainians by connecting volunteers to students online, providing one-on-one tutoring no matter where students are. Founded in early 2020 by Katerina Manoff, a Ukrainian American education entrepreneur in New York, the ENGin project now involves approximately 9,700 students from Ukraine and nearly 8,900 English-speaking volunteers.

“I just wanted to help somehow, and one day I discovered that in most Ukrainian schools, English is taught like it was back in the Soviet times,” writes Frolov. “Students are just taught grammar rules and new words, but they hardly get a chance to communicate,” Manoff, now ENGin’s CEO, recollects in an interview via WhatsApp.”

Read more on Village Voice here. 

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