The city becomes Halloweentown

It's time for imagination and fun for the whole family at Halloween. Photo: gpointstudio

The roots of halloween extend hundreds of years into the distant past. By this or by other names, Halloween has been a time to erase the barrier between the living and the dead, the fun and the scary, the proper and the outrageous. That sounds like San Francisco on pretty much any given day, but the city goes all out in late October.

People all around the world like to don costumes and celebrate. Here in the city by the bay, it marks not just a timeless ritual but also a ritual in time, a shift between summer-fall and impending winter. It’s the last break before the headlong rush into the winter holidays.

To help you mark this special time, we’ve rounded up some of the most interesting Halloween activities, whether you’re looking for pumpkin carving workshops, haunted places, dances, or more adult pursuits of pub crawls and wild parties. See our list on page 20, and see even more at

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