The Best of Books

The Marina Books Inc. best sellers

Here are the most popular books sold last month as well as some new releases.


1. Tomorrow, Tomorrow, and Tomorrow: A Novel, by Gabrielle Zevin

2. Lessons in Chemistry: A Novel, by Bonnie Garmus

3. Demon Copperhead, by Barbara Kingsolver


1. The Creative Act: A Way of Being, by Rick Rubin

2. I’m Glad My Mom is Dead, Jenette McCurdy 

3. 8 Rules of Love: How to Find it, Keep it, and Let it Go, by Jay Shetty


1. A Flicker in the Dark: A Novel, by Stacy Willingham

2. The Maid: A Novel, by Nita Prose

3. Daisy Jones & the Six, by Taylor Jenkins Reid


1. Everything I Know About Love: A Memoir, by Dolly Alderton

2. The Age of AI: And Our Human Future, by Henry A. Kissinger, Eric Schmidt, and Daniel Huttenlocher

3. Unwinding Anxiety: New Science Shows How to Break the Cycles of Worry and Fear to Heal Your Mind, Judson Brewer


1. Little Blue Truck’s Beep-Along Book, by Alice Schertle and Jill McElmurry

1. Colin Kaepernick: Change the Game, (Graphic Novel Memoir), by Colin Kaepernick

1. Good Girl, Bad Blood: The Sequel to A Good Girl’s Guide to Murder, by Holly Jackson


Small Mercies, by Dennis Lehane

In the hot summer of 1974, antibusing violence and racism erupt in Boston. The same night a young Black man named Auggie Williamson dies in the subway, Mary Pat Fennessey’s 17-year-old daughter, Jules, disappears. When she can’t get information from the young people with Jules that night, Mary Pat turns to the men who offer protection in the neighborhood, Marty Butler’s Irish crew. Homicide officer Bobby watches in awe as Mary Pat, who was born to fight, turns all of her maternal rage and street instincts into her own investigation and might well burn down the neighborhood to discover what happened to her daughter.

Happy Place, by Emily Henry

This  latest from a current Queen of Rom-Com is guaranteed to please fans and sure to be the beach read of the year. Harriet is supposed to be in her happy place enjoying the annual trip to Maine with her beloved college friends. Instead, she’s in a funk after her fiancé, Wyn, broke up with her with no explanation. He’s an integral part of the friend group and the trip, so they decide to keep their news secret to not upset their friends. Their enduring love for each other keeps finding its way to the surface. Via alternating flashback and present-day chapters, readers get the full buildup of Wyn and Harriet’s love story over years, making their relationship one to root for.

Knowing What We Know: The Transmission of Knowledge: From Ancient Wisdom To Modern Magic, by Simon Winchester

Winchester’s oeuvre is a testament to his abiding interest in history, human innovation, and his distinctive ability to share his insatiable curiosity with enthusiastic readers. He explores the history of knowledge and its transmission through the centuries with joy, ebullient style, irresistible anecdotes, and strange facts as he follows information dissemination from Gutenberg to newspapers to Google to propaganda and fake news.

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