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The Story Of Sweepy

San Francisco Mayor Edwin Lee wants people to take note of the City’s Giant Sweep campaign, which his administration launched in February in a partnership with the San Francisco Giants. The mayor claims that the anti litter effort has already drawn on 18,000 people who have taken a pledge to keep the City clean, with more than 45,000 hours logged by Giant Sweep volunteers cleaning parks and streets.

“We work very hard to engage our younger generation and help them create a culture of clean,” said the mayor. To attract younger supporters, the campaign has created Sweepy, an orange-and-black mascot armed with a broom who makes appearances at schools and street fairs. So if you have spotted a large Halloween-colored creature sporting a broom, it was not a flashback to the ’60s. It’s just part of the mayor’s effort “to convey messages about the importance of being a responsible member of our community.” For more information, see

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