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The Zuckerberg Bill: Construction Parking Plan Introduced

Cranes in the sky, parking spaces down below. Photo: Trance addict - Armin van Buuren - Oceanlab

Last fall, neighbors in Dolores Park complained that Facebook titan Mark Zuckerberg had hired people to save parking places for construction workers who were working on his home there. With parking at a premium in the city, and with parts of the street already blocked by construction equipment, the neighbors were understandably upset about the rare open parking slots being taken by parkers-for-hire.

On March 17, Supervisor Mark Farrell and Supervisor Malia Cohen introduced a bill that would force contractors to provide a construction parking plan as a condition to getting a permit for occupying street space for construction work. The requirement will kick in for projects that require more than one parking space permit over at least three months.

“I hear complaints from residents every day frustrated by the volume of scarce neighborhood parking spaces that are taken away by construction parking permits, in particular when they sit empty for days at a time,” said Farrell. “Requiring a construction parking plan will help our residents and our city get a better grip on the impact of on-street parking space losses during construction projects, and free up additional spaces for residents in the evenings when they are unoccupied.”

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