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Transit Effectiveness Project

As reported last issue, the environmental review process for the City’s Transit Effectiveness Project (TEP) is gathering public comments. Northside resident Herbert J. Weiner submitted his reaction to the project, which he worries “will provide less services to neighborhood communities and severely impact the most physically vulnerable our our community, i.e., senior citizens, critically ill, and the handicapped.”

TEP is the City’s wide-ranging project to improve the speed and effectiveness of its transit services. Weiner fears that “the market system laws of supply and demand are being applied to public transportation services” when “the criteria should be based on need.” With possible changes to the system, for example, “severely impaired individuals will be required to walk a long distance between Divisadero and Presidio Avenue to catch a bus,” he writes.

The public comment period for the TEP’s draft environmental impact report was extended a month to Sept. 17. It has now ended. For the latest information on the project, visit

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