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Treasure Island’s Special Sauce?

Saying the addition of George Lucas’s much-bandied-about museum to Treasure Island might be the “special sauce” the island has needed, District 3 Supervisor Aaron Peskin threw his support behind the effort to salvage the museum as a San Francisco attraction. The museum is expected to attract millions of visitors a year.

Though Chicago is continuing to fight with itself over the proposal, Los Angeles is reportedly being considered as another option. Chicago Sun-Times columnist Michael Sneed reports that “the L.A. location being discussed is at a University of Southern California site, which is where Lucas went to school.”

San Francisco had previously driven away the filmmaker when his preferred site in the Presidio was rejected by the Presidio Trust. Peskin said he thinks the Trust probably made the right decision for that place, but the museum could be just what is needed for Treasure Island. “If we could actually have an attraction on Treasure Island, it might be able to sustain a ferry service,” he told Phil Matier in an appearance on CBS SF. “And if we could sustain that, we could make the entire island work.”

As to whether San Francisco’s famously fractious leadership could agree on this new option, Peskin replied “Well, if Ed Lee and Jane Kim, and Aaron Peskin are on the same page, that’s a pretty good start.”

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