Bellingham by the Bay

Twilight on Christmas Eve

Readers may remember our dear departed columnist Bruce Bellingham, who wrote of his ramblings around the city in Bellingham by the Bay. Every December he ended that column with the same short tale of hope and inspiration. This is the last one he wrote in 2016. We hope you enjoy it as we did over the years. A longtime resident of Nob Hill, the “park” he refers to is Huntington Park.

Darkness is descending on an exquisite twilight on Christmas Eve. I wander around the park. What catches my eye is a couple on one of the benches. They seem to be trying to keep the world away. With my usual nonchalance, I sit at a nearby spot, and shamelessly listen to them murmur to each other.

“Is it going to be a good Christmas?” she asks him quietly, anxiously. “It’s been such a terrible year.”

“Darling, it’s going to be the best,” he whispers. “We made it this far. We can carry it further.”

She sighs, and rests her head back on his shoulder. …

And yes, they are heroes. They brought their love this far. What can be more heroic than love? After all, it’s a good time to be in love.

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