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Weiner takes another swing at housing density

State Senator Scott Wiener (D-San Francisco) has introduced SB 10, his latest attempt at getting the state to address its housing shortage by allowing increased density. According to the Senator’s office, SB 10 would let cities upzone areas that are close to job centers and or transit in existing urban locations, allowing up to 10-unit buildings. Two earlier attempts by Wiener were killed in previous years by fierce opposition from his colleagues.

“California’s massive housing shortage is driving people into poverty and homelessness and threatening our environment, economy, and diversity; we must take bold steps to end this devastating crisis,” said Wiener. He said that his bill “provides cities with a powerful, fast, and effective tool to allow light-touch density exactly where it should be: near jobs, near public transportation, and in existing urbanized areas. SB 10 will help move California away from a sprawl-based housing policy and toward a more sustainable, equitable, and effective housing policy.”

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