Supervisor's Report

What I love about District 2

The Palace of Fine Arts is one of many beautiful open spaces in District 2. Photo: Sophia Stewart

After living in Cow Hollow for 17 years, my heart is strongly tied to District 2. This is the place where I had my two children: my son, Dominic, and my daughter, Gianna. I am so proud to raise a family here. While we face immense challenges — homelessness, an affordability crisis, a property crime epidemic — we often forget the great things about San Francisco. In past articles, I have discussed these problems and what I am doing to address them, but I wanted to take the time this month to focus on what I love about our home.


Since moving to San Francisco, my family has lived on Greenwich Street by the Presidio. I have never felt as connected to a community as in Cow Hollow. My husband and I were married 15 years ago at St. Vincent de Paul Parish, just a short walk from our home. My children were both born at CPMC’s California campus, where the staff and the Newborn Connections program took amazing care of us.

As my kids have grown up, so many of our family’s memories are connected to District 2. Both my kids have attended camps and taken swimming lessons at the Jewish Community Center. Our family has participated in the annual trail run at the Presidio YMCA. Gigi spends her summer at Jest Jewels on Union, where she is close friends with the owners, Eleanor Carpenter and Leslie Drapkin.

I cannot recall how many times we have taken a family stroll to visit the Palace of Fine Arts, the water pond at the Letterman Digital Arts Center in the Presidio, or the beach at Crissy Field. When reflecting on my life, it is impossible not to think about the immense role the places and people of District 2 have had on me and my family.



Few urban areas in the world have the kind of beautiful open spaces we have in District 2, including the Presidio, Alta Plaza Park, Lafayette Park, and Moscone Recreation Center. As a triathlete and lover of the outdoors, I take full advantage of these areas. After getting hooked on triathlons, I trained with swims in Aquatic Park and runs along the Marina Green through Crissy Field to Hopper’s Hands. My triathlon career culminated in the Santa Cruz Half Ironman Triathlon in 2016, by which point I had raised $50,000 for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society through Team in Training. I have been a member of the South End Rowing Club since 2016 and have suffered through the Lyon Street Steps on many occasions. When running or biking with friends, I often say “we train in a postcard.”

Whether you want to enjoy a walk in the woods, train for a marathon, or enjoy a relaxing day by the water, District 2 has the beautiful outdoor areas for you. The waterfront, the Presidio, and our countless parks are neighborhood treasures that provide an escape from the hustle of the city. As supervisor, one of my top priorities is preserving these places and ensuring they continue to thrive as peaceful spaces.



As someone who has dedicated my life to public service, I have a special respect for all of the residents and neighborhood organizations who work to better our community. Before working at City Hall, I was the vice president of the Cow Hollow Association. This experience showed me the impact community members can have on their neighborhood when they join together to advocate for themselves.

As a legislative aide to supervisors Mark Farrell and Michela Alioto-Pier, I witnessed how many of these leaders there are across District 2. Without these people, District 2 would not be the vibrant, beautiful place it is. There is still work to do. I will continue fighting for this progress at City Hall, and I want to thank each and every neighborhood leader who fights for this progress with me.


District 2 is my home, and I am so lucky to say this. Being supervisor is my dream, because I get to fight for the great things about District 2: the community, the open spaces, the people. I want everyone’s kids to be able to safely and affordably raise a family here.

To do this we need to preserve the great things in our community and address the growing problems our city faces. We need to care for the homeless, we need to make sure our families are safe, and we need to help small businesses deal with a changing economy. It is why I am supervisor and why I am so dedicated to this work.


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