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What is our new normal?

Vau de Vire performers at The Edwardian Ball, San Francisco 2016. Photo: Marco Sanchez

A petition from a group of medical professionals is calling on the state’s leaders — and particularly its educational leaders — to shift to a postpandemic approach and remove “all remaining Covid-19 restrictions in public schools.” At press time, the issue of mask mandates was scheduled to be raised again at the state level at the end of February.

It’s just the latest in a barrage of reports of loosened restrictions and plans to shift to managing life with the disease that isn’t going away. The state’s new SMARTERPlan lays out California’s goals for having testing, vaccination, and treatment resources ready and in place.

Meanwhile, some of San Francisco’s celebrated vibrant cultural life is returning, such as the Pride celebrations in June. The postponed Edwardian Ball 2022 has been rescheduled for Friday and Saturday, April 1–2, at the Regency Ballroom. This is the 21st annual iteration of this family-friendly musical and theatrical celebration of the work of Edward Gorey. This year, the featured tale both nights will be Gorey’s “The Wuggly Ump,” performed by Rosin Coven and Vau de Vire Society. Get more info at

More cultural events are sure to follow. See page 8 and for additional upcoming events.

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