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Will burglaries continue to decline?

In a recent message to Northsiders, Northern Station Captain Paul Yep addressed some of the quality-of-life matters that have been the source of complaints from many locals in recent months.

Yep said he was happy to report that residential and commercial burglaries finally began to trend downward in the past month. “I know our community has been proactive about securing their property and the officers of Northern Station have made several burglary-related arrests,” he said. “Although we are now trending in the right direction, the year-to-date burglary statistics are still at an unacceptable level. I want to thank Supervisor Catherine Stefani and her office for organizing several community meetings to discuss strategies to further mitigate crime in District 2.”

Problems associated with homelessness are the source of numerous notifications to Northern Station each week. The captain said ongoing efforts to “reimagine policing” means that decisions are still yet to be made about which city department will be responsible for issues of the homeless and mentally ill. “Please continue to hold the police department accountable, but the service we can provide is limited. . . . We must decide who will ultimately be dealing with the homeless, mentally ill, and addicted persons living on the streets.”

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