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Woodhouse Environmental Questions

Neighbors opposed to the opening of a Woodhouse Fish Co. on the Marina Green are seeking clarification about city plans for environmental review. At least one resident was told by a representative of the San Francisco Recreation and Park Department (RPD) that instead of doing a new environmental impact report for the project, RPD was trying to base assessment of the building’s change of use on an old environmental impact report carried out years ago when a different use for the property was being considered. That plan is several years old, “but legally they can do that,” said another resident, Joan Gerardo. She said the plan under consideration at the time of the last report was to use the building as a harbor master’s office, “so it’s a big change to have a full-service restaurant with a liquor license.”

A spokesperson for the City’s Planning Department confirmed to the Marina Times that they are “proposing an addendum to the Marina Renovation Project EIR, which was certified in 2007.” The move is being made “because the project won’t be adding square footage, and more importantly, the potential environmental impact is similar to the scope outlined in the original report.”

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