District 2 Supervisor

Beautifying District 2

San Francisco faces many urgent challenges: the homelessness crisis, growing mental health and substance abuse issues, and housing unaffordability. These issues are often the first topics neighbors bring up when I ask them about their concerns.

In addition to these pressing challenges, we must also focus on the conditions in our neighborhoods and parks, which are basic government functions. While I am hard at work addressing San Francisco’s greatest challenges, I am also keeping my focus on details that make San Francisco a great place to live. This month, I want to celebrate a huge milestone for open space in District 2 and highlight some cleanliness improvements I have been working on.


District 2 has some of the best open spaces in our city. Whether you want to enjoy a beautiful view from Lafayette or Alta Plaza Park, run along the water through Crissy Field to the base of the Golden Gate Bridge, or go for an urban hike in the Presidio, District 2 has much to offer.  After a decade of hard work, we will add to our open space by creating a brand-new park in the densest part of District 2 — Francisco Park.

The park will be located at the site of the unused Francisco Reservoir at Bay Street between Larkin and Hyde. This 4.2-acre site will transform into a beautiful park for a neighborhood lacking in open space. Overlooking the bay, the park will include a playground children can enjoy, a central green lawn with a community garden, and incredible views. It is designed to be low-impact, with something for everyone to enjoy.

This new park would not be possible without the Francisco Park Conservancy. Their grassroots, community-led efforts and advocacy have made this project into a reality. I remember working on the resolution declaring the old reservoir as open space back in 2008 and watched as the community support grew over the years. We fought hard at City Hall to make this a reality, and the community and neighbors never gave up. More than 270 contributions and pledges raised $22 million of the $25 million budget needed to build Francisco Park. The success and support of this fundraising effort within the community truly demonstrates the ability of our neighborhood leaders to make positive change for our city.

For more information on the park, visit


In addition to our beautiful open space in District 2, we are also lucky to have some of the best commercial corridors in the city. Unfortunately, they’re not looking so beautiful lately. I am committed to doing everything I can to change that. It is why I fought for funding for additional cleaning services and have been working with the mayor’s Fix-It team to get these services in place.

Starting at the end of this month, pressure washing will commence on North Point from Laguna to Buchanan, on Chestnut from Divisadero to Fillmore, on Fillmore from Chestnut to Union, and on Union from Fillmore to Octavia. Crews will be out twice a week to perform the pressure washing and to also pick up trash. We will have additional trash pickups in several areas, including the Marina Safeway, near Moscone Park, on Lombard Street from Buchanan to Octavia, on Magnolia Street from Laguna to Buchanan, and on Moulton Street from Fillmore to Steiner.

As always, contact my office if you see something that needs immediate and/or ongoing extra attention.


Overflowing public trash cans are problematic for several reasons I hardly have to explain. The trash cans need to be improved in many ways and redesigned. I am working with Public Works to install new, solar compacting trash cans at some of the busiest spots in District 2. These trash cans have an internal trash compactor so they fit more trash and send an alert when they are almost full. Additionally, they are more securely closed so trash cannot overflow and people cannot rummage through them. They also come with cigarette butt receptacles and dog waste bags.

I am working on selecting locations now, and I hope to see about a dozen compacting trash cans on the streets of District 2 in the next couple months. After these bins are installed, I will continue pushing for better trash collection and management to keep our streets and sidewalks clean and litter-free. We will also be adding additional trash cans in a few key areas that currently don’t have any. 


Keeping our community clean is a team effort, and there are several ways to get involved. Residents can participate in Adopt a Drain San Francisco through the PUC and Adopt-A-Street through Public Works. You can also join me and our Public Works’ Community Clean Team at special events.

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