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Big changes on the street


Yes, we miss them greatly, and we know you do, too. We all have our stories, don’t we? So hang on, you can remember them forever by taking home an actual piece of the place at the Liverpool Lil’s (2942 Lyon Street) Estate Sale, Oct. 22, 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Myriad memorabilia from pictures to mirrors will be offered for sale. Owner Eddie Savino is no stranger to giving back no matter what, so proceeds from the sale will benefit The Guardsmen, whose programs in turn benefit at-risk youth. Channel the Lil’s spirit at its sister outpost, the Brazen Head (3166 Buchanan Street). See you there.


After nine years, the owner of the cute women’s clothing boutique Marmalade (1843 Union Street) has sold the store to an employee. Hope Colling and her husband are moving to the Bahamas to film a show for HGTV. While we’re thrilled the store is staying, we’re flummoxed about the allure of fog-free beaches, but eager to see what turns up, and wish them the best.

Barney’s Gourmet Hamburgers (3344 Steiner Street) is evidently moving on, so says the sign in their window, after 25 years. We liked their varied (and tasty) selection of (moist) garden burgers embellished with teriyaki … or eggplant and zucchini … or mushrooms and artichoke hearts, to name just a few. Never fear, loyal followers, you’ll just have to trek over to Noe Valley (4138 24th Street) for your favorite, veggie or otherwise.

Starbucks (1899 Union Street) devotees will delight in knowing there’s soon to be more room to spread out into the next-door former Enchanted Crystal space. They’ll have to go through the city’s conditional use permitting process, so no telling how long that will take before the space can be built out into some perhaps additional comfy window seats to check out the street scene or, more likely, stare down at your computer.


… and Scotch? We’ve got you covered: The Dorian (2001 Chestnut Street) recently launched the cleverly (and we love clever) named Bowmore Oyster Luge: An oyster shot from the shell, followed by a chaser of the remaining brine with a splash of Bowmore Scotch, thus marrying brine and peat for an “intriguing flavor combination.” We don’t doubt that one peaty bit.

These folks are clearly doing something right with their happy hour and creative specials — the restaurant just celebrated their one-year anniversary. Surely you’ve something to celebrate as well, right? We hear oysters, brunch, and mimosas calling — O.K., Scotch, too, if you insist.


We really like what’s happening at Ghirardelli Square (900 North Point Street) these days, thanks to new owners, Jamestown, which has made great strides in returning the spot to a rightful destination for tourists and locals alike. This month, another pop-up will make its pop-up debut on Oct. 8–9: American Field, which features vendors and items made in the United States, with an emphasis on local designers and artisans. So do the right thing, go check it out, and support local, squared.


While walking back recently from the Fort Mason Farmers’ Market, we happened upon the Vendanta Temple (2323 Vallejo Street), which has been netted and scaffolded in an ages-long restoration project. Lo and behold, some netting had been removed to reveal a newly clad copper onion dome, glinting in the morning sun. Prerestoration, the domes were all a reddish color, so the copper is a beautiful upgrade. We’ve become so used to seeing the netting and construction, it was truly a lovely site, so next time you pass by, stop looking at your phone and look up, especially if it’s a sunny day. You’ll be in for a treat.


Last month, we worried about Real Foods (3060 Fillmore Street). Rightly so — now we learn the store is faced with being ousted when their lease expires. They’ve launched an SOS (Save Our Store) effort, and are encouraging you to join them to support keeping the store right where it needs to stay. Send your support e-mails to [email protected] and keep your fingers crossed. We all agree their departure would be a big loss to the neighborhood, right? So get typing.

 Correction Oct. 6: The e-mail address to support Real Foods was corrected to [email protected].

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