Crime Beat

Can Lombard Go On The Straight-And-Narrow?

A recent daylight robbery and shooting of a tourist near Lombard Street’s famous crooked section highlighted nearby residents’ concerns over public safety issues in the neighborhood. A new Lombard Street Ambassador Program will try to address that, along with traffic congestion problems.

Introduced by Supervisor Mark Farrell, the program will provide “ambassadors” who will give guidance, oversight, and information to residents and visitors, as well as acting as visible deterrents to criminals or unwelcome behavior.

Farrell said “The Lombard Ambassador Program will create a more civil and safe environment for the residents and the visitors to this area by creating a deterrent to criminal activity, managing pedestrian and vehicle flow, and educating visitors about the area.” Russian Hill neighborhood leader Helen Raiser praised the plan, calling it a “win/win” that would be helpful and respectful of nearby residents.

The program will be managed by the Fisherman’s Wharf Community Benefit District, which won a competitive bid.

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