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Crowning the champs

Madison Bumgarner acknowledges the crowd. Photo: steve hermanos

Three World Series trophies glittered in the sun. Canons fired metallic streamers from the second deck. Stunt jets ripped the sky. Madison Bumgarner mounted a police horse while, on a stage in left field, his favorite rock group, The Marshall Tucker Band, cranked out a tune. And for the third time this decade, a flag declaring the San Francisco Giants as the championship team of the world was raised above the ballpark, reemphasizing that ours is the only set of fans basking in recent baseball glory.

Then the Giants transformed into miserable hosts at their own party by failing to score a run against the Colorado Rockies, a team that has won exactly 0 World Series. The score was 2-0.

Meanwhile, I asked folks around the ballpark a single question: With three World Championships in five seasons, what’s the significance of it all to you, personally?

“Very few teams for five years would have mostly the same players and coaches. It’s such a unique situation.”
—Peter Magowan, former Giants’ managing general partner

“Definitely a dynasty.”
—Rob Marrs, jet flyover coordinator

“Personally it’s a family tale. My father took me to Giants games when I was little. When he was older, I took him. I took my son to his first baseball game when he was 10 days old. It’s a cycle of generations.”
—Larry Baer, Giants president and CEO

“Our children don’t realize what an unbelievable era we’re living in.”
—Pam Baer

“It all seems very surreal. I grew up a Giants fan. I also feel extremely fortunate to cover a winning team rather than the other way around.”
—Amy Gutierrez, reporter, Comcast SportsNet Bay Area

“It just feels good to have a team that rocks.”
—Suzanne R., fan, Fresno

“I feel proud.”
—Jean C., beer vendor

“A dream come true. My first game was in 1960. A lot of great teams, and Mays, McCovey, Marichal. Now we’ve hit the top.”
—Jim C., usher

“It didn’t really change my life. But it’s fun to watch.”
—Todd O., fan, Fremont

“My mom, God rest her soul. She’s here with me. It enhances everything.”
—Mark J., Giants photographer, San Jose

“I never thought I’d see it. The first one was a realization of a dream. The rest are just icing.”
—Gary H., fan, El Dorado Hills

“This is the greatest time of my life. I went to Texas [to see the World Series in 2010], and Kansas City [to see the World Series in 2014] and it’s in my body. We have a grace of God on our side.”
—Conrad Z., a minute after having caught a batting practice home run with his old mitt, San Jose

“I grew up at Candlestick Park and all this winning is validating a lot of cold, disappointing nights.”
—Dieter R., Outer Richmond

“Just hanging with my buddy Dieter.”
—David B., Outer Richmond

“Sucks. I’m a Dodgers fan, but I married into a beautiful Giants family. It’s fun to be a part of it.”
—Simion F., Sacramento

“It’s been very fun. I’m a schoolteacher and my kids all know why I wear orange.”
—Ashley W., Sacramento

“A joy to follow a team and their exuberance. They suddenly came out of nowhere, and it’s pretty amazing magic.”
—Eric K., Petaluma

“2010 meant a lot. I was here in 2012, Game 1, when Panda [Pablo Sandoval] hit three homers. Everything else has just been gravy.”
—Justin C., Arcata

“I hate Opening Day.”
—Field official

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Steve Hermanos is the author of Orange Waves of Giants! The 2012 Championship Season. E-mail:[email protected]