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Foo Nguyen Is Irvine’s Great American Recipe Finalist

The Great American Recipe:PBS

Reporter Evan J. Lancaster covers the local Irvine finalist for the Great American Recipe Cooking Show in his latest piece for Irvine Weekly. A PBS program, the Great American Recipe Cooking Show is an eight-episode series, hosted by a panel of celebrated personalities – Alejandra Ramos, Tiffany Derry, Leah Cohen and Graham Elliot – in which contestants face off in two 30-minute cooking segments, and one 90-minute elimination challenge. 

“Nguyen, who is a stand-up comedian, describes an emotional bond with cooking, something he attributes to his mother,” writes Lancaster. “Growing up in Ohio, Nguyen’s story begins with humble beginnings. But thankfully, he says, his mother’s home-cooked meals became a trusted source of nurture and nature.”

Read more on Irvine Weekly here. 

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