Global Recognition Awards Leads in Celebrating Women Entrepreneurs


The Global Recognition Awards (GRA), an established awards program, is renowned for acknowledging significant business achievements. Now, it prioritizes gender equality and economic advancement by endorsing women entrepreneurs and women-led initiatives.

Advancing Women’s Entrepreneurship

This year has marked a significant uptick in women’s entrepreneurship, with female-led firms boosting employment and introducing innovative practices in various industries. Recent data reveals that women initiated 49% of new businesses in the United States in 2023—a sharp increase from 28% in the previous year. Worldwide, women own around 43% of all companies, indicating their strengthened presence in the commercial domain.

Jethro Sparks, CEO of the Global Recognition Awards, emphasizes the strategic importance of this initiative. “Our goal is to lift ambitions by presenting a variety of business successes, thus prompting a worldwide advancement toward excellence,” he says. Additionally, the Global Recognition Awards’ data shows an 11% rise in entries for the Women Business Awards in 2024, proving the increasing importance of such recognition in strategic business planning.

Broadening Award Categories and Promoting Flexibility

In response to shifting industry dynamics, GRA has broadened its award categories to better align with the challenges faced by women entrepreneurs. “Quick and effective adaptation is essential,” Sparks asserts.

Experts, however, believe that more can be done. One expert notes, “It’s crucial to go beyond celebrating achievements. Awarding bodies should also offer substantial resources like mentorship, financial support, and networking opportunities for women to address their distinctive challenges.”

Inspiring Change and Encouraging Future Leaders

GRA plans to launch a global online forum where award winners can exchange best practices and build a network of driven and successful leaders. “Our approach to innovation is about celebrating achievements and how we facilitate these celebrations,” Sparks says.

These initiatives impact businesses to initiate societal change. By highlighting the accomplishments of women entrepreneurs, the Global Recognition Awards counters long-standing gender stereotypes and fuels ambition among future female leaders.

Encouraging female-led businesses diversifies markets, fosters innovation, and builds economic resilience. This focus helps create a more dynamic and equitable business environment, benefiting the broader economy.

As the Global Recognition Awards continues its advocacy for women’s entrepreneurship, its influence will likely grow, molding the future of business and empowering women globally. Through its determined approach and dedication to excellence, the Global Recognition Awards is redefining inclusivity and success in the entrepreneurial sphere.

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