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Irvine Climate Activists Demand Action

Ayn Craciun/Climate Action Campaign

In their latest piece for Irvine Weekly, staff writer Evan J. Lancaster reports on the demands of climate activists and environmental experts in Orange County who begrudge a perceived lack of progress Irvine has made on its climate goals. Over two dozen OC-based organizations have presented a co-signed document titled, “Irvine Must Act Now to Meet Its 2030 Carbon Zero Commitment,” which outlines their fear that unless Irvine takes significant steps some climate milestones may already be out of reach

“Every home built in Irvine with gas pipes and appliances puts Irvine families at risk,” a portion of the letter read. “In order to be the climate leader that Orange County needs and protect Irvine families, Irvine must stop allowing the construction of buildings that use gas as a fuel, and help existing homes replace gas appliances with electric appliances. 60 California cities and counties have now committed to phasing out gas in new buildings, including the other two Cool City Challenge winners – Los Angeles and Petaluma. Irvine’s absence is notable.”

Read more on Irvine Weekly here.

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