Just One Tree nominated for $10,000 Odwalla Plant a Tree grant

Online votes can bring lemon trees to San Francisco Photo: WarzauWynn / flickr

Did you know that if 12,000 lemon trees were planted in San Francisco, our city would be self-sufficient in this one crop? One mature lemon tree can produce 200 pounds of lemons each year.

You can help bring San Francisco one step closer to achieving this self-sufficiency by joining Just One Tree’s effort to plant and register 12,000 lemon trees.

Just One Tree has been selected as a finalist in Odwalla’s Plant a Tree Program. The 10 organizations with the most votes by May 30 will receive $10,000 each for tree planting.

This is the fifth consecutive year Odwalla has made tree donations based on votes made on the Plant a Tree Program website. Over the past four years, the beverage and food company has provided $450,000 worth of trees to America’s state parks. The program was updated this year to allow selected organizations to compete for $10,000 project grants.

Through May, visitors to the Plant a Tree website ( can support Just One Tree by simply logging on and clicking on the project’s video link. No contribution
is required.

If selected, Just One Tree will use the funds to subsidize the cost of planting lemon trees in low-income communities and city parks in San Francisco.

“We hope all San Francisco residents go to the website to ensure the success of our local project, which is sure to benefit local residents for many generations to come,” said Isabel Wade, executive director of the Just One Tree campaign.

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