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L.A. County Asked To Cut All Outdoor Water Use

(Mark Turnauckas:Flickr)

L.A. Weekly writer Isai Rocha reports that millions of California’s L.A. County residents and business are to be asked to cut their outdoor water consumption in its entirety this September. The reasoning behind this ask, beyond California’s ongoing drought, is that the county’s Metropolitan Water District (MWD) has plans to repair a major water pipeline due a leak in the pipe. This pipe in question distributes water from the Colorado River throughout Southern California and is expected to take at least a full 15 days to repair, from September 6 until September 20. 

“We need to make this urgent repair to ensure this infrastructure can continue serving Southern California in the immediate term and for years to come,” Metropolitan Water System Operations Manager Brent Yamasaki said on Monday. “While we do this work, we need people who normally get water from this pipeline to eliminate their outdoor water use to stretch the limited available water supplies. We don’t take this call lightly, but it is what is needed at this time.”

Read more on L.A. Weekly here. 

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