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L.A. Weekly Culture Pick

Jaime Hernandez drawn ad for Y-Que in LA Weekly circa 1985. (Lina Lecaro)

In their latest piece for LA Weekly, Culture Editor Lina Lecaro introduces this week’s L.A. Weekly Culture Pick: the new season of KCET’s culture series ARTBOUND, in particular the episode delving into Love and Rockets, the influential comic book. Lecaro has shown a spotlight on these topics in honor of Hispanic Heritage Month coming to a close, as it allows her to select on her culture through an Angeleno lens. “Sanctioned months, weeks and days spotlighting movements and identities are meant as reminders to the masses that we all have our struggles and stories, but of course, we should strive to support them all year long,” explains Lecaro. “As culture and entertainment editor at LA Weekly, this has always been the goal. That said, here are our picks spotlighting Latin expression right now as the entertainment and media worlds move on to the next.”

Writes Lecaro: “Gustavo Arellano’s recent column in the L.A. Times connected the dots on how remembering and honoring Laboe and the way he brought us together has been somewhat cleansing in the wake of the L.A. City Hall scandal. The council members ugly words have brought a lot of shame on our community and stoked division, already a big problem around the country. The fact that it all came out during Hispanic Heritage Month shouldn’t have necessarily made it worse, but it definitely dampened faith in those who represent us. Still, we have hope that music, art and entertainment created by Latin figures consumed with love, not hate, becomes more powerful moving forward.”

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