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Looking Back On The Saga Of Hunter Moore


Originally published in April of 2012, Village Voice reporter Camille Dodero went face to face with Hunter Moore, an early adopter of revenge porn trolling and an enemy to many. The founder of Is Anyone Up, a now defunct adult website made up of stolen and hacked revenge porn content best known for the malicious doxxing of its unwilling subjects, Moore’s ethics are left to reader interpretation as they follow along with Dodero’s retelling of her encounter with the man.

While the Hunter Moore scandal was infamous in 2012, this moment in internet history is being brought to the forefront again thanks to anew Netflix docu-series,The Most Hated Man on the Internet, which follows the story of a mother who went after Moore, the “self-made Internet villain.”

Read more on the Village Voice here for both of Dodero’s original feature stories on the matter.

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