My ballot priorities for the June 7 primary election

In keeping with a tradition I started last November, I am providing my top recommendations for the local candidates and initiatives for the upcoming June 7, 2016, primary election below. I encourage you to examine and study each candidate and issue and come to your own conclusions for your own reasons, but here are my thoughts.


Proposition AA: $500 Million to Save the Bay. Vote YES. Voters in all nine Bay Area counties will be voting on Measure AA, which would raise $500 million over 20 years to fund critical restoration and flood protection projects up and down the entire bay.

Measure AA will expand the habitat to support increased animal populations, will reduce pollution in the bay, improve public access to the bay and shoreline recreation, and will help to protect shoreline communities from flooding. Measure AA is a modest $12-a-year parcel tax — that’s only $1 a month — that would generate badly needed resources to restore and protect one of our region’s most treasured assets, the bay.

Proposition A: $350 Million Public Health and Safety Bond. Vote YES. Improving public health and public safety has been one of the top priorities of mine on the Board of Supervisors.

Voters have the chance this June to continue to keep San Francisco healthy and safe by approving a $350 million bond that invests in our hospital, clinics, emergency response, mental health services, and homelessness infrastructure — all without raising taxes a single penny. San Franciscans have always risen to the occasion to make needed investments that will improve the health and safety of our residents. Please vote Yes on A this June.

Proposition B: Ensure Clean and Safe Parks. Vote YES. Our parks in San Francisco are one of the greatest contributors to our high quality of life. Proposition B will guarantee just over $1 billion in new funding over 30 years for our parks, playgrounds, and open spaces to ensure clean and safe parks for everyone and every neighborhood in San Francisco — all without raising taxes.

As chair of our Budget and Finance Committee for the past four-years, despite my strong advocacy, I have seen parks funding as a share of our city’s budget erode and not keep pace with the demands that our residents expect to see addressed. Proposition B builds upon the Open Space Fund that was overwhelmingly approved by voters in 2000, and it fulfills San Franciscans’ intent to provide a sustainable and responsible revenue source for our parks.

In addition, Proposition B requires new accountability and equity measures attached to the new revenue to ensure that new funds are spent responsibly and reach every neighborhood in the city equitably. I was proud to author Proposition B, so that we can ensure we are providing safe and clean parks for all San Franciscans for generations to come — please vote Yes on B!


California State Senator: Scott Wiener. Scott was first elected to the Board of Supervisors with me in 2010 and has been one of my closest allies on the board. Scott is one of the most dedicated and prolific legislators that I have had the opportunity to work with.

He has been a fierce advocate for improving our public transportation system, building more housing at all income levels, improving public health, protecting the environment, and enhancing public safety. Most important, Scott has authored and passed legislation in all these issue areas and has helped to move San Francisco forward in a positive direction. He will be a fighter for a better San Francisco in the State Senate. I believe he deserves your support.

Democratic County Central Committee. This election has one of the more important races for a body that you have most likely never heard of: the Democratic County Central Committee (DCCC). The DCCC is the official entity and voice for the Democratic Party in San Francisco. The DCCC helps register new voters, advocates on behalf of Democratic causes, and issues the Democratic Party’s coveted endorsements for candidates and initiatives each election.

There is a political power-play underway from high-profile past and current elected officials who want to return San Francisco to the days of personal vendettas and divisiveness, and a slate of candidates who want the Democratic Party to shift radically left and support candidates and issues that will move San Francisco backward. Don’t let the Democratic Party get out of touch with where San Francisco voters are — please support my suggested slate of candidates this June!

I feel so strongly in this matter that I put my name on the ballot as well, and would appreciate everyone’s support:

Assembly District 17 (Eastside S.F.). Arlo Smith, Francis Tsang, Scott Wiener, Malia Cohen, Leah Pimental, Gary McCoy, Alix Rosenthal, London Breed, Rebecca Prozan, Jill Wynns, Tom Hsieh Sr., and Joshua Arce

Assembly District 19 (Westside S.F.). Mark Farrell, Mary Jung, Rachel Norton, Joel Engardio, Kat Anderson, Keith Baraka, Emily Murase, Marjan Philour, Trevor McNeil, and Tom Hshieh Jr.

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