On and Off Chestnut

On the boards and ballots

Since there really is no finer place to live in San Francisco than the Marina, it stands to reason that real estate services are quite competitive in our little neighborhood. It certainly explains the many agencies that abound on and off Chestnut Street. A recent addition to the neighborhood is Barbagelata Real Estate, now open in the former Kelly Keiser Splendid Interiors Space on Chestnut near Divisadero. Founded in 1952 by John Barbagelata, it is still family owned and operated today by Anna and Paul Barbagelata. In addition to professional real estate advice and consulting, the Barbagelata team can also assist with preparing your home to demand the highest value on the market with a team of home improvement specialists and home stagers. They also have an office in West Portal.

Barbagelata Real Estate: 2381 Chestnut Street,

Recently launched combines the best of e-commerce with being a locally based Marina business. The brain-child of co-founders Kendall Saville and Laurel McAndrews, the former Santa Cruz residents have combined their California beach town roots with their backgrounds in technology and marketing to create a one-stop online shop for hardcore surfers – and those who just want a look that transitions seamlessly from the beach to the street. With major brands like O’Neill and Quicksilver, as well as free Blue Lizard Sunscreen with every purchase, the pair hopes to spread their love of healthful outdoor living to Marina residents and a national audience. Watch their website for their “No Pants” campaign once the weather turns brisk!

In other news on and off Chestnut, things seem to be pretty much status quo these days, but as the holidays roll around, be sure to support your neighborhood businesses by shopping local! Another way to help small local businesses this November is at the polls by voting Yes on Prop. E, the Gross Receipts Tax on Businesses measure. Tax measures are often confusing, and the initial reaction most people have is simply to vote no – however, this is not a new or added tax, but a way to reform the way businesses pay taxes to the city. Currently, San Francisco is the only large city in the state that taxes its businesses with
a payroll tax.

What’s the problem with a payroll tax, you ask? Well, it stymies growth unintentionally because any new hires or employee raises and/or bonuses are what is being taxed, not the business’s success. Why give raises or add new hires if it is just increasing your tax debt? Changing to a gross receipts-based business tax will level the playing field, with businesses being taxed on their gross receipts with a tax rate based on the type of industry. It will create more good jobs and help provide better city services. It also represents one of those rare instances where the mayor, the entire board of supervisors, labor unions, and business groups have all come together to support a proposition. The Council of District Merchants Associations (of which the Marina Merchants Association is a member), the Small Business Network, and the S.F. Chamber of Commerce are all supporting this measure, so when you fill in your ballot, be sure to vote Yes on Prop E.

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Jim Maxwell is a past president of the Marina Merchants Association and owns Architects II in the Marina. E-mail: [email protected]