Out Of Town Eats: Visiting Sesame Dinette In Long Beach, CA

The Sesame Dinette family from left - David Nguyen, Judy Mai Nguyen, Linda Sivrican, Kiera Sivrican (Michele Stueven)

Sesame Dinette, a sibling of  Sesame LA market in Chinatown’s Central Plaza, has opened up in Long Beach. Owned by Linda Sivrican, Long Beach’s Sesame Dinette was built with the intention of showcasing the culinary talents of Sivrican’s mother, Judy Nguyen. Designed as an incubator for the Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders culinary community, the concept is a three-generation family affair helmed by not only Sivrican’s mother, but her step-father and daughter as well. It is within this space that the family provides a platform for young Asian chefs and culinary collaborators thanks to their rotating residency program. “My mom found this space,” Sivrican, who also owns a parfumerie in Chinatown, tells L.A. Weekly Food Editor Michele Stueven, from behind the counter of the dinette. “She fell in love with the size of the kitchen. She’s been a professional chef and caterer for decades working in tiny kitchens. This is my first restaurant venture, and we’re taking it easy and slow to start,   the hours and menu are limited. My parents are taking care of the lunch menu from 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. For the 8 a.m., and all day menu, I’m using this space as a platform for rotating residencies. We have younger talent coming in and doing things like a coffee program, pastry program, so you have a multigenerational point of view.”

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