District 2 Supervisor

Protecting our community

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I am absolutely thrilled to be your District 2 supervisor. I have lived in the district for 17 years and have fought for and served the residents of District 2 for almost a decade as a legislative aide under former Supervisors Michela Alioto-Pier and Mark Farrell. I look forward to continuing to be your voice and advocate at City Hall.

It is not by chance that I am focusing my first column on public safety. As a mother of two children (ages 8 and 13) and a former prosecutor, it is one of my top priorities. I have hit the ground running to take meaningful and measurable steps to confront the public safety issues that District 2 and San Francisco face.


In recent years, property crime, specifically car break-ins, has been at the top of our residents’ minds. Some people no longer feel safe in their neighborhood. It is something I hear all of the time. That’s why I called for a hearing at the Board of Supervisors to hear progress and updates from our San Francisco Police Department’s recently created property crime units at each district police station. The hearing will take place at the Public Safety and Neighborhood Services Committee meeting on Wednesday, April 25 in Room 250 of City Hall, starting at 10 a.m.

I have also called for a hearing on security and public safety issues in all San Francisco Municipal Transportation Agency (SFMTA) owned and operated parking garages and parking lots, including the Pierce Street and Lombard Street garages in District 2. The SFMTA must take all steps necessary to ensure city-owned garages and lots have the equipment and personnel in place to keep people safe. Half measures are not acceptable.

Finally, I have been in constant contact with our new captain at Northern Station, Captain Joe Engler, who has been a great partner and ally. I am committed to advocating for more funding for our police department during our upcoming budget process. Adequate police staffing for our understaffed department will help to provide the department with the investigators needed to build strong cases against serial offenders. I have also met with District Attorney George Gascón about transparency and the importance of data. In addition, I am also working with the Palace of Fine Arts to upgrade its outdoor security system and cameras.


As numerous reports have shown, homelessness is one of the top issues of concern for our residents. Our current situation is absolutely unacceptable. We have seen that mental health issues, drug use, or other circumstances contribute to the number of homeless individuals living on our streets. As a member of the board of directors of the Homeless Prenatal Program for six years, I am very familiar with best practices needed to assist individuals, and I have admired the organization’s results in breaking the cycle of childhood poverty. We also need the combined cooperation of our departments and housing resources to help them get back on their feet.

I am focusing my efforts on homelessness reforms and holding our departments accountable. A recent report requested by Mayor Mark Farrell found that the city needs to improve in providing earlier interventions for the top 10 percent of users of homelessness services, who account for 42 percent of total service expenditures. I am working with department heads to provide targeted solutions for the individuals who need it most; thus saving taxpayers money in the long run that can be used for vital public services. In addition, I support my colleague Supervisor London Breed’s effort to expand and improve our conservatorship laws, which allow a person or organization to make decisions for someone too impaired to look after themselves.


San Francisco must lead the way to protect our residents and visitors from the threat of gun violence. I recently introduced legislation that would prohibit concealed weapons in the public right-of-way during public gatherings like the Women’s March or the student-led March for Our Lives event. There can be no peace when the threat of concealed weapons is present. After the Parkland school shooting, I passed a resolution supporting our youth’s inspiring advocacy for common-sense gun reform. I was so impressed with District 2 students and students citywide who joined me at the March for Our Lives event on March 24. This nationwide movement was motivated by students who survived the school shooting in Parkland, Florida. I am in awe of their strength, resilience, and political prowess, and it inspires me to do all that I can to protect future generations from the threat of gun violence.

These are only a highlight of the steps I am taking to ensure that District 2 residents feel safe and protected. I welcome you to contact me at 415-554-7752 or [email protected] if you have any questions or would like to suggest innovative solutions.

I look forward to working together with you on these and many other issues that our community faces.


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