Coast to Coast

Remembering Howie Pyro


In this Village Voice piece, New York singer songwriter Jesse Malin pays homage to his good friend, the enigmatic music legend, Howie Pyro. “Howie is in every song I sing,” writes Malin. “The lyrics remind me of our story. He’s on the streets I walk down. He’s in every crooked, creaky apartment we shared. Every light post I pass that we put a flyer on. Every restaurant we sat in. He’s in my dreams, talking to me, making jokes. I wake up and I want to call him, but I can’t.”

“If there’s a heaven, Howie is on the guest list. He’s hanging out with the coolest people, turning them on to Andre Williams, Rat Fink, and L7. And he’s looking out for all of us down here still.”

Read more on the Village Voice here.

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