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The Health Benefits Of Pumpkin


A fun article from our sister publication in Florida – Laker/Lutz News – has been published, detailing all the ways in which to make tasty and healthy pumpkin-based recipes for fall. In this special report by Shari Bresin, along with Pasco County Extension intern, Syreeta McDonald, the health benefits of consuming pumpkin are explored and recipe for creamy pumpkin soup is shared.  

“While the store may simply label them as “pumpkin” within the produce section, there are a number of varieties good for eating, including baby bear, Cinderella, blue doll and others,” writes Bresin. “While the canned pumpkin puree is great for baking, pureeing fresh pumpkin is more versatile and can be used in nonbaked dishes, too.”

Read more on Laker/Lutz News here. 

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