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The opening day glow

Bochy shows the crowd the World Series trophy

It was a beautiful Opening Day at AT&T Park. The Giants and their fans celebrated their victorious 2012 season and the echoes of the 2010 championship. A group of players raised the new championship flag. One at a time, as each basked in extended cheering, coaches and players jogged across the outfield, between a pair of podiums each supporting a World Series trophy, and over to the third-base line.

Before the festivities began, and during the game, this reporter circled the stadium, asking fans: How does it feel to be world champions for the second time in three years?

On the arcade

I didn’t expect to win another one so soon. It seemed so magical—even more than the first [championship]. The second parade was surreal. We’ll be even better for the third.
Bob Biddle, Concord

I’m proud of our team. We were here for Game 2 versus Cincinnati when they lost [and the Giants were faced with the near-impossibility of winning three games in a row in Cincinnati to advance], so it’s extra special now.
Kathryn Gonzalez, Campbell

On the cable car

It was this big explosion in 2010. You didn’t think it would happen again so soon. You can’t be greedy, but you do want it again.
Caroline Cannizzaro

As long as you beat the Dodgers, the rest is gravy.
Mike Pallas

Behind the scoreboard

We were very fortunate for it to happen in a different way. It was such a team effort. I want Zito to have another great year. And Timmy.
Patsy, Concord

It feels unreal, like in a dream. Like this is something that can’t happen in reality. [After they won the second championship] I was having a hard time doing anything; I was on a winner’s high for months.
Charles, Pacifica

It’s always better when you have a son to share it with. The second time around was better.
Ron Amos, South San Francisco

Bleacher plaza beer cart

This year I like being the world champ underdogs. Nobody is picking the Giants to win it again, and the Giants know how to win. 2002 and ’89 never happened. I just love being in this ballpark.
Bob, Foster City

It’s great to be back in the park, to see who’s raising that flag. Dodger Stadium was quiet in October, last time I checked.
Julio, Martinez

The centerfield bleachers, Section 144

Like a dream come true.
Laura Dalton, Alameda

I walked in the parade a second time. I think we got a great chance (for another title). It’s all about the fans.
David, Concord. Usher.

Section 117

Winning two World Series as a Yankee fan is a given. As a Giants fan it’s Alice in Wonderland.
Andrew Sisolak

I’m having a hard time with this. If you were writing a movie script, it would be unbelievable. Everyone was saying ‘bye to each other at the end of Game 2 versus Cinci, but one kid a few rows back said, ‘I’ll see you next weekend.’ He was right. And one more thing: The important thing is the Yankees aren’t winning the World Series when we are.
Jim O’Neil, Cow Hollow

Game 7 versus the Cardinals. There was something about the refraction of the light. We stood in the rain for one and a half hours. The light went from white stadium lights, and in the rain the lights turned yellow — sepia — and the game looked like it does in an old movie.
John Laughton, Monterrey

And the game on Opening Day? To make it even more perfect, the Giants beat the St. Louis Cardinals 1–0, a strong step in their quest for their third San Francisco championship.

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Steve Hermanos is the author of the new book, Orange Waves of Giants! The 2012 Championship Season. E-mail: [email protected]