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Crime on the Beat: May edition

The crimes below are a small snapshot of what the officers of Northern Station are doing. For a more comprehensive list, visit; under Compstat, there is a link to CrimeMAPS.

March 10, 2:13 p.m.
Pierce Street at Lombard

Officers responded regarding a male who had just shoplifted numerous items from an eyewear store. The subject was carrying a foil-lined bag, which is commonly used by criminals to hide items to defeat alarm sensors. The subject also had numerous pairs of eyewear with the tags still on them. After the business owner identified his property, the subject was arrested for possession of stolen property. It should be noted that he was already on probation for the same offense.

March 11, 1:14 a.m.
Mallorca Street at Alhambra

Officers on routine patrol saw two individuals apparently checking the insides of several vehicles. The officers noticed they were carrying backpacks and flashlights, so moved in and spoke with the two. After running a records check, the officers performed a search in accordance with one subject’s parole conditions and discovered a piece of black tar heroin, drug ingestion devices, and a stun gun camouflaged as a cell phone. The subject was transported to Northern Station where he was booked on the drug, weapon and parole violation charges.

March 11, 7:31 p.m.
Chestnut Street at Fillmore

Plainclothes officers observed two males running along Chestnut Street. One appeared to be carrying something and the other appeared to be chasing him. Officers determined that the first subject had just stolen a restaurant bill, including the money to pay for it. Officers made contact with the server who positively identified the subject. The server recovered the cash and the subject was booked at Northern Station.

March 18, 2:06 a.m.
Fillmore Street at Lombard

It was a busy night with short staffing when officers responded to a fight between four drunken males. When the two-officer unit arrived, they discovered a 30–40 person street brawl. The officers called for assistance and attempted to stop the fight using their public address system, lights and sirens, but the crowd did not disperse. When the officers got out of their vehicle, they were immediately met by drunken subjects who turned on them. The officers were able to defend themselves and even arrest numerous subjects. Additional officers arrived and restored the peace. Officers were unable to find any injured victims and no one involved wanted to press charges. The original unit was able to determine (through witness statements) that one of the subjects they had initially detained had caused the brawl by approaching random people on the street and punching them.

March 25, 12:58 a.m.
Union Street at Buchannan

Officers responded to a fight outside a bar between numerous males. The officers were able to stop the fight and spoke with a security guard who was bleeding from the face. The security guard was trying to remove a subject who was drunk and causing problems in the bar. The subject responded belligerently, and security escorted him out. Once outside, the subject hit the security guard one time in the face with the broken end of an umbrella, which caused numerous bloody cuts. Officers arrested the male and later booked him at County Jail. Officers were also able to locate and book the umbrella bottom into evidence.

April 7, 1:30 a.m.
Fillmore Street at Greenwich

Officers responded regarding a subject who stole a woman’s purse from a bar. Officers were informed that citizens had detained the male and were holding him down on the ground. The female victim positively identified the male subject as the person who stole her purse. Officers arrested the male and were able to return the purse and its contents to the victim. The subject was later booked at County Jail.

April 10, 7:55 p.m.
Octavia Street at Filbert

A female victim was walking alone when she was approached by two female suspects. One subject asked for directions and the other reached into the victim’s sweatshirt pocket and grabbed her cell phone. The subjects ran to a waiting vehicle, jumped in, and the vehicle drove away. A bystander saw the incident, called police, and gave descriptions of both the vehicle and subjects, including the license plate number and direction of travel. Officers were able to locate and detain the individuals a short time later. The victim and witness were able to identify the subjects and recover the phone. The two subjects were booked for the theft at Northern Station.

April 14, 1:25 a.m.
Filbert Street at Fillmore

Two males that had been going to bars in the above area “bumped” into each other while walking down the street, and started to physically fight. Several people tried to separate the males, including female friends of both men. This caused more tension; the females started fighting and were shoved to the ground in the altercation. The fight broke up and the male who started the fight began to flee the area. Numerous people followed him until police arrived. He was arrested and later booked at Northern Station on several charges.

April 15, 2:30 a.m.
Lombard Street at Webster

Officers responded to a call for help from a cab driver who said he had been struck and was bleeding. Officers arrived along with SFFD medics. The driver stated that the several male subjects had walked into the street in front of his cab when he had a full green light. The driver had to stop the cab abruptly to avoid hitting the subjects and honked his horn. One male showed both middle fingers to the cab driver, another subject kicked the rear quarter panel of the cab, and another punched the front passenger’s side window, breaking it. Some of the glass made small lacerations on the face of the driver, and a small chunk lodged into his eye. Medics were able to clear the eye and bandage the cuts. Officers saw the subjects that matched the driver’s description and detained them. The driver positively identified the males, who were arrested and later booked at Northern Station.

Incidents listed here are based on witness statements as recorded by the reporting officers and are compiled by Marina Times staff.

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