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Hardcore King — Brett Callwood Covers The Circle Jerks Reunion

Circle Jerks with Morris, second right (Atiba Jefferson)

L.A. Weekly Music Editor Brett Callwood covers the Circle Jerks’ hotly anticipated reunion tour and sits down with band co-founder Keith Morris for a chat about how one of the greatest punk screamers went from “never again” to “ready to rock.” The elusive artist is a cornerstone of the hardcore punk scene both past and present, hailed for his craft as not only a founding vocalist of the Circle Jerks, but of Black Flag as well. Known for their hardcore punk albums – like their 80s release Group Sex – fans of the Circle Jerks regard them as being one of the best live hardcore bands to grace the stage. However, despite their success, the band found themselves at a crossroads with each other that ended in an indefinite hiatus and Morris vowing to never tour with the band again. “But time is a great healer, and when Morris was approached about a Circle Jerks tour in 2019, he had softened. Older and wiser, the man could see the sense in the plan,” writes Callwood, post Morris breakfast date. 

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