How to Sell Adult Videos as Pay-Per-View (PPVs)?

On Adult platforms, content creators make the most money, not through the subscriptions but they sell their videos as pay-per-view and through custom requested content.

How do you sell more adult-based Pay-per-view videos? 

We have an answer for you: the best platform where you can easily upload your videos, add a price tag, and let your viewers pay for it before they watch it. 

Why is there a need for adult PPV videos?

Before I get into how you can sell adult videos as PPVs, it is important to understand why there is a demand for them in the first place. The simple answer to the question is, that people want entertainment and there is something so personal about amateur and homemade content that a lot of people love out there, instead of traditional porn videos on a proper set.

This has a lot to do with changing people’s preferences. While it is not to say the demand for porn has declined, people out there are opting for more amateur content than ever before and it is most likely to grow in the coming years.

What do you need to get started at selling adult PPV videos?

For you to get started at selling adult PPV videos, these are the following things that you would need to keep in mind:

  • Be 18 or older.
  • Being able to invest in a basic camera.
  • Know the basics of filmography and videography.
  • Have a basic understanding of video editing.
  • Personal branding and copywriting basic skills.
  • Social media management.

How to sell adult videos as PPVs: Tips and Tricks

The following are the tips and tricks for you to sell adult videos as Pay Per View or PPV:

1. Publish videos on Megacams: 

Megacams is a website where you can build real connections with your fans. As a model, you can upload your videos, add a price tag to them and let your fans buy them before they watch that video. The best thing about Megacams is you have many options available to make money. You can text or sext with your fans and then if they request a custom content like nudes or videos you can sell them through the chatt. 

In other adult platforms like Chaturbate or ManyVids, don’t have a promotion algorithm, while in the case of the Megacams, the content you upload can get discovered. If you upload a mixture of free as well as paid content, you can get more exposure. Join Megacams here as a model

2. Learn how to be consistent:

Without consistency, you will not last even a single day. You will have to work hard, you will have to show what you got, and you will have to be as consistent as possible. One or two videos every now and then is not going to make any difference because the competition is super high. If you do not do it, someone else would and that’s game over for you. Megacams’ algorithm plays in favor of those who are most active on the platform by showing your profile on the front page. 

3. Learn social media marketing

Many adult content creators forget how powerful social media is and how much it can help you spread the word and lead new followers. Having a presence on social media is all about giving a sneak peek of who you are, and where the rest of you can be purchased from. Twitter and Instagram are two great places to go about.

This will also help you to be noticed and you might land a custom video order. If you want to go a step further, I would recommend you also make a YouTuber channel and TikTok. YouTube shorts are very much like TikTok, so you will not have to make two different videos each one. Keep in mind, that upfront pornography is banned on these platforms so you will have to be smart with the short video content.

4. Know your camera:

You can have the best camera available to you, however, if you do not know the basics as to what lens works the best in what lighting conditions and scenarios, you will be wasting your effort and time. Therefore, it is first important that you know your camera. How it works, what functions it has, how to choose what mode and when, and so on. Learning the basics does not take much time but they are a lifesaver.

You need to have this skill that will guarantee you to sell adult videos as Pay Per View or PPV. Because if your videos are generic, they will not be able to impress your potential customers and they will probably go elsewhere.

Final Verdict: Be successful at selling adult videos as PPV

Adult videos such as Pay Per View are in huge demand these days which is most likely to grow in the coming years. Being a model and a creator, you need to understand someone is going to spend money on what you put out there so it has to be worth that. 

Plus, you need to produce better quality content so you can beat the competition and develop a name of your own. The journey may most likely take some time, but it will be worth it in the end. 

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