Jerkmate Review 2022 – How Watching Live Couple Cams Revolutionized Our Sex Life

The first few times my boyfriend and I had sex, we were always up front! We still are after 6 years. For us, there’s no topic off limits: favorite position, most stimulating zones, things to improve, and of course–things to explore! That’s how we discovered that we both love watching porn and that we’d love trying to watch it together!

But the experience was always terrible! Nothing seemed to turn either of us on. We each had our preferences: him, claustrophobic BDSM scenarios—I tried to keep an open mind; and me, roleplay scenes with elaborate costumes! Needless to say that none of it made it to our watchlist. And the few interesting videos we found on porn sites ended up feeling deceptive. Everything seemed too staged, too slippery, and definitely too enlarged! None of it felt as real as we were, just two ordinary people who love to have sex and try new things.

One day, I clicked on a Jerkmate ad and found out they had an entire community of amateur couples you could watch and chat with. I told my partner about it, and it was clear that it would be our next sex challenge. So we started browsing. There were couples from all over the world, from different ethnicities and sexual orientations, and we could tell from the green dot which ones were already online. We didn’t have an account yet, and we could read complete profiles, view models’ bedrooms, get a glimpse of them warming up, and read other members’ reviews. Felt like we stumbled on a gold mine!

We started browsing couples. We clicked on this attractive Latin American couple’s profile. They were not necessarily our type, but they had something, some sort of sexual energy that just drew us in. No idea if they were models of amateurs. From the top of the page, we could take a peek at their cam room for a few seconds. There was reggaeton music playing in the background. They would exchange a few touches and soft words in Spanish, making sure to keep their undies on. The guy was wearing a grey tank top with red Reebok boxers, and the girl, a yellow cami with the Rolling Stones logo.

My boyfriend and I looked at each other and then at the screen. We looked at each other again and immediately started a private chat with the couple. Two seconds later, we had entered their cam room. And that’s where a new kind of fun began!

Do couples really watch porn together?

Before stumbling on, I knew there was something out there for us. And I know that it could bring us closer together sexually as opposed to more distant, frustrated, and misunderstood! There’s that one study showing that couples who watch porn together have deeper intimacy and a more satisfying sex life than those who watch it separately. So it was already clear that having a collective, interactive sex experience online would be a plus for our relationship. 

For us, streaming traditional staged porn could not do the trick, but we kept an open mind. We also tried dating apps to meet singles or couples in search of unique experiences. But oftentimes, people were flaky, extremely picky, or flat-out arrogant! And when the COVID-19 pandemic hit, we stopped to keep the bug away from our bedroom. It wasn’t worth it.

What is

At first, I thought Jerkmate was just another live cam site with trendy porn stars in the adult industry. It does have quite a few hot models, I gotta admit. But the site has more professional and amateur live cam models than I’ve seen on any other cam site. Jerkmate is easy to use, and before we went on it, I had no idea what we were looking for exactly. We just stumbled upon it. So we created an account for free and started browsing.

We did try other cam sites before becoming Jerkmate members like BongaCams, Streamate, and Live Jasmin. But none of them were as well built and as playful as Jerkmate. It has the coolest sex games, Roleplay and Command & Obey, and they’re 100% free!

Plus, all the browsing is also free: we were able to view all the profiles we wanted and preview any cam room before actually entering. And once we were ready for some hot interaction, we finally signed up and started a private chat with the couple that caught our eye at the moment.

Who is Jerkmate for?

Anybody who wants to explore their limits with one or more partners. My boyfriend and I knew that going out there and looking for a like-minded couple would be tricky. We both hate dating apps and value our privacy for our sexy encounters. Jerkmate seemed like a win-win: we could meet another curious couple on a live cam from anywhere in the world, start a private chat to get to know them better, and have one of the most arousing exchanges online.

The only thing I wish is that I had discovered Jerkmate when I was single. There are so many cam models to choose from: men, women, trans, and couples worldwide.  But you can search for jerk mates by ethnicity, sexual orientation, age (18+), and kinks.

How do you register and find what you’re looking for?

Before we signed up, we could already search for models to have fun with. But with our free account, we didn’t have to search much, thanks to Jerky, the site’s bot, suggesting matches based on our preferences.

Signing up was quick and free. No need for a profile picture. An email, a nickname, and a password were enough for us to be good to go!

With our Jerkmate account, we could have favorites! If we really liked a couple but couldn’t connect with them at a specific time,  we could always find them faster, using the heart button at the top right corner of the screen. No sexy encounter with a model has to happen only once. 


One of the many things that makes Jerkmate uniquely awesome is the sex games! Yes, outside of live cams and private chats, there is more sexy stuff to do online. The website has two sex games: Roleplay and Command & Obey.


OK, I’m biased because of my thing for costumes! But let me tell you why I think this game is awesome. In Roleplay, Jewelz Blu, one of the hottest models on Jerkmate, becomes your toy. She can wear up to 6 different costumes to tease you: the college girl, the housewife, the doctor, the gamer, the dominatrix, and the elf princess. You pick what she wears and the actions that come with the role. One time, I made the gamer Jewelz Blu remove her sneakers and lick her toes. You can use any of the buttons on the left to determine what she’ll do next!

Command & Obey

Command & Obey has got to be my favorite game on Jerkmate. You play with guys, girls, or couples. The same principle applies, you pick the actions, and they perform them right away. The only difference is that they do it butt-naked. For example, we made Chloe Cherry and Rider Rey lick each other’s toes, and Kinsley Anne and Romeo Price exchanged the wettest kiss right in front of your eyes with just one click!

What type of live cam couples can you find on Jerkmate?

All of them. We were pleasantly surprised to see straight and LGBTQ+ couples on the same website! Models of all ethnicities and sizes could be chosen as well. And there were couples from all over the world.

Their profiles had all the basic info we needed before starting a private chat: age, ethnicity, language spoken, turn-ons, and even expertise. We could see their photos and recorded videos–for the ones who had some! We were just browsing through, and the experience had already beaten porn: the couples on there were real people like us, and we could just reach out with one click to start having fun with them.

What are the perks of having a premium membership on

Yes, browsing through profiles and playing sex games is hot! It got my boyfriend and me warmed up and ready to go on many occasions. But the absolute best is starting a private chat and viewing a live show. We never know what can happen, and it makes us go nuts!

Private Chat

By looking at that couple on screen who’s excited to welcome us into their cam room, we can already feel relaxed and ready for some action. Being both fluent in English and Spanish, we’ve had the pleasure of chatting and getting freaky online with quite a few hot couples in the world.

We like to tell them when to remove that piece of clothing, where to touch, how fast to go, and we always try to predict how soon the guy or the girl will cum. But all this is nothing compared to a cam2cam session where you get to be one of the models.


It took us a while to discover that not only do we enjoy watching, we absolutely love to be watched on live cam. We may not be models or have a live cam couple CV, but we sure know how to entertain!

Of course, we don’t go live with just anyone. We usually just feel it and see if it works with the flow. And if that couple vibes with us on the same frequency, we ask them to go cam2cam. And once they accept, we know it’s our turn to show them how sexy we can get.

Live Shows

Like I said, my boyfriend and I love porn. We see it as an art form. And seeing it live for us is the new norm. Jerkmate features some of the hottest and most creative porn stars on the web, and seeing them live through this platform makes our membership even more worth it!

Occasionally, there are themed live shows with 1 or more of the sexiest models on the site. Each show happens in HD quality and no matter what position or acrobatics the models are doing, we never miss a single detail. We’ve had the chance to see epic performances of live couples such as Sheena Ryder and Donnie Rock via Jerkmate. I admit it: tipping in gold online is not the same as throwing money at a stripper in a club. But, for the smile it puts on a model’s face, it’s pretty close!

What are Jerkmate’s pros and cons?

Based on our experience, we think the site has lots of strengths and very few weaknesses: 


  • Lots of diverse amateur models
  • Quick sign-up process
  • Safe and anonymous platform
  • PayPal as a secure payment method


  • Credit card needed to complete the membership
  • Paid access to private chat
  • Not enough pornstar couples

What do other couples have to say about Jerkmate?

After 12 years with the same partner, we’ve tried everything in the sex suggestion box! Porn was dull and way too predictable. We tried Jerkmate, and we never regretted our membership! We love the adult community, the cam quality, the sex games, and having a private chat with a couple across the world. We’ve never been so turned on by looking at a couple’s photos. So if we need inspiration, all we have to do is watch, and we get all the juice we need!

Andrea&Pedro, Argentina

At first, I told Mel “hell no!” I was afraid we’d only see fake profiles or models who “specialize” in webcam. As soon as we started browsing, I saw lesbian adult couples just like us, experimenting and getting real online in front of us. I couldn’t believe it! I had heard about cam sites before, but I had no idea that the people on cams would be authentic! Definitely worth the membership!

Lilly and Mel, France 

He’s old school. I live in the future. He still has an old porn collection, and I always try to find new ways to have hot grown-up fun. One day I saw a banner and I was curious about the name Jerkmate. I found out there are girls, guys, and couples like us looking for other people to party with via webcam. It’s one of the best cam sites I could have ever tried: the live shows, the sex games, the awesome features for premium members. I’d create that account all over again!

The_Hottest_Parkers_in_town, US

When everything closed down during the pandemic in 2020, we had to find another way to meet like-minded couples. We thought “live cam”? Why not? Turns out it’s a new kind of safe sex on the coolest platform online. The website is super easy to navigate, creating your account is free, and the experience you get is different every time! I’m a big fan of the live shows! I’ve had the best time watching hot LGBTQ+ porn stars perform, tipping them in gold, and sharing the experience with my partner. 

Handsum_Duncan&Pete, England

What does our sex life look like now?

We’re definitely not bored, that’s for sure! Even though we’ve had hot private chats with quite a few couples online, we keep our membership active. You never know who you can stumble on and if there’s gonna be a spark.

Live cams have definitely been a hot game-changer for us. It made us open up to a new perspective: being the hot couple that devours each other in front of a public. Now that we get to read all the comments from members who want to enter our room, we remember how exciting it was when we just joined the website. On top of having an amazing sex life offline and online, we get to make money and read members’ requests and reviews about our performance. It’s surreal!

No doubt we can please ourselves, but we aim to please whoever dares to enter our intimacy. We welcome the intrusion, and we get turned on by any guy or girl in search of a new experience with us.

We chose Jerkmate to turn part of our sex life into gold, and we love every minute on that site. This playful platform has allowed us to be freer and more than just users with a premium account. It’s where we’ve had some of the best sex of our lives!

I’m not sure if I’m a model, and I’m far from being a porn star. But with the hottest jerk mate in front of that camera, I’m definitely a cam girl!

Jerkmate is the #1 live cam platform with the hottest couples on screen, but don’t take my word for it. Sign up for free and find out for yourself!

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