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My Old School: Michael Snyder Reviews

Alan Cumming provides the visuals to the off-camera Brian/Brandon in My Old School. Photo: courtesy Magnolia Pictures

Michael Snyder of the Marina Times reviews filmmaker Jono McLeod’s clever, creative documentary My Old School as it makes its way into select theaters.

“Myriad movies have gained renown and box office success by utilizing high school settings to offer up everything from randy adolescent shenanigans, starry-eyed teen romance, and poignant coming-of-age journeys to class war, juvenile delinquency, and slasher horror,” writes Snyder My Old School manages to reference or poke fun at almost all of those subgenres to tell the strange but true story of a student who attended a secondary school in the Glasgow, Scotland suburb of Bearsden and, in 1995, ignited a television-to-tabloids media furor throughout the United Kingdom.”

Read more on Marina Times here. [spoiler alert]

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