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OneHope wine brings hope

What first caught my attention about this wine was the name, which was clever enough, and then the eye-catching label. Then I was really impressed when I learned that OneHope donates 50 percent of the proceeds to charitable causes ranging from cancer research, autism, AIDS, children’s hospitals, the environment, and more. They bottle several varietals of each color from vineyards sourced from Napa, Sonoma, Lodi, and the Central Coast, all in partnership with Rob Mondavi Jr.

If you’re looking for a wine to serve with your July 4th barbeque, try their California Zinfandel. It’s loaded with juicy dark fruit flavors like plum and black cherry, hints of pepper and has a spicy finish. Sales support Snowball Express, an organization that helps U.S. troops by bringing families together to provide hope for the future during the difficult loss of a loved one.

Chardonnay is my go-to white wine, and OneHope’s is imminently drinkable, crisp and balanced, making it the perfect summer wine. Every bottle sold helps fight breast cancer.

I’m always delighted when I find a message on a cork; it’s like icing on the cake. Here’s what OneHope’s says: He who has health, has Hope. And he who has Hope, has everything.

OneHope wines are served at dozens of eating and drinking establishments in the City and are also widely available for purchase. Visit to find the location nearest you.
— L. Majer

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