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Rose: A Summer Classic

I realize that recommending rosé for summer is rather prosaic, but the classics are classics for a reason. Pink wine, whether still or sparkling, goes so well with warm summer sun and outdoor foods like burgers, hot dogs, and anything deep fried. If you want to try something out of the ordinary, try an atypical rosé wine that is a little more serious, like the aged Rosado from Lopez de Heredia. If you can find it, the 2000 vintage runs about $25, and the wine pairs beautifully with grilled shrimp, salumi, roasted tomato, Manchego cheese, or Marcona almonds.

Then there is the super-luxe Garrus rosé from Chateau D’Esclans at $75, again assuming you can find one out there. Though I am usually not one for oak on my rosé, this one is a uniquely elegant creation (but don’t bother with the other lower levels of rosé from Chateau D’Esclans such as Whispering Angel or Cotes de Provence, which are clunkier and not worth the price despite the relatively lower dollar figures).

Of course there are still plenty of affordable, quaffable, dry rosé options out there for everyday drinking in the $9 to $12 price range. Pick up a case or two of whatever pink wine suits your fancy for your next beach picnic or backyard barbecue.

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