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Union Street Association president honored

Eleanor Carpenter receives a commendation from Supervisor Mark Farrell on behalf of the Board of Supervisors photo: Leslie Drapkin

At a recent Union Street Association meeting, Super-visor Mark Farrell covered numerous subjects, from the closure of Doyle Drive, to the renovation of Lafayette Park, to the huge CPMC hospital projects. He spoke about the upcoming Mountain Dew Tour, the America’s Cup, and new legislation that would reduce the taxes for small
business owners.

Then, at the end of his hour-long visit, Supervisor Farrell had a surprise up his sleeve. “Just one more thing I want to share,” he said, and with that, he pulled out a large framed certificate signed by the entire Board of Supervisors and presented it to Eleanor Carpenter, long-time president of the Union Street Association. She was astounded, completely surprised, and even moved to tears. Supervisor Farrell read the tribute that honored her hard work, compassion and dedication, which “helped small businesses flourish and created new opportunities
for others.”

Eleanor expressed her gratitude, and she was quick to thank Executive Director Lesley Leon-hardt, Dennis Beckman, and Larry Murray for their own hard work and ongoing commitment.

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