White Label Press Release Distribution By KISS PR Helps SEOs Dominate Branding & Rankings

What big brands are doing to dominate SEO that small businesses are not.

Do you ever wonder how big brands, such as Apple, Microsoft, or Yahoo, gain millions of traffic daily on their website and have a thousand times better SEO performance than yours? What are these big brands doing that small business owner like you are not?

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White Label Press Release Distribution By KISS PR Helps SEOs Dominate Branding & Rankings

We all know that search engine optimization is a continuous process that adapts to changes in search technology. But, big brands are doing more than SEO to rank well in search, and these are the things you should learn if you want to get ahead of your competitors.

They Do a Lot of PR

Indeed. The reality is, big brands have big budgets allocated to PR alone. They know the importance of getting the word out there to consistently boost brand recall into the consciousness of their target customers. 

One thing to take note of, though is, big brands do PR to sell their products, not for SEO. The after-effects of all the PRs they do, from selling their products or announcing company news, ended up boosting their SEO. 

Small Business Tip: If you are a small business with a limited budget, you can get the help of PR companies, such as the KISS PR storytelling platform, to help you manage your PR within your budget. You don’t need to break the bank to run a PR campaign. 

They Get Lots of Backlinks by Doing Many Corporate and Social Activities

Big brands do a lot of corporate and social activities as part of their PR. These activities help them build their name and strengthen their brand so that they don’t need to do any link building to gain backlinks. 

The truth is, Apple or Coca-Cola doesn’t need to do link-building outreach to get backlinks because people write about them, vloggers create YouTube videos about them, and journalists produce news about them.

This must be a bit difficult to swallow, but this one makes the big brands unbeatable. But, what is your workaround as a small business?

Small Business Tip: You don’t need to become a big brand to get people to link back to you. You can do your very own corporate and social activities get featured to highlight what makes your brand unique. Believe it or not, a unique and timely relevant story can help you land a news story on your local paper or even on the national. Local bloggers may even feature your company story on their blogs.

They Produce Content a Lot

Have you ever checked the total number of indexed pages when searching for famous big brands on Google Search? Coca-Cola, for example, has 298 million total indexed pages, while Microsoft has more than 1.2 billion. One of the main factors these big brands rank well on the SERPs (search result engine pages) is because they produce content a lot. Of course, they have an abundance of resources to do this, but it doesn’t mean that you cannot do it if your budget is limited.

Small Business Tip: For small businesses, creating more content for your website can help you boost domain authority. Adding a blog, a forum, or any user-generated content can help you create relevant content that can help increase the overall performance of your website.

If you are too busy to produce content, you can also offer to publish articles from guest writers or enable a section on your website where you allow contributors to submit their content. 

It is also highly recommended that you Submit Press Release to large media sites. 

They Make Their Websites Available to Many Languages

Most big brands made their website content available in as many languages as possible. Why? It’s because there are also millions of other potential customers looking for their products or services who don’t speak English. This is beneficial for small businesses that offer online services which non-English speaking prospects also need.

Small Business Tip: For example, if you are a company that offers social media management tools, don’t you think social media users from non-English speaking countries also need your service? They do and making your website pages available for them boosts your SEO and can help increase your revenue in the long run. 

Their Brand Names Drive Traffic to Their Websites

Because big companies do many PR and other corporate, marketing, and advertising activities, their brands become very popular and prominent that prospects use it to search for their products or services online. 

Take, for example, Apple’s iPhone. Those who want to buy iPhones will use “iPhone,” not keywords such as “high-end smartphone” or “luxury smartphone.” This happens because the brand is wildly popular and has a very high recall. See an example 

Small Business Tip: Of course, you don’t have the PR and marketing arsenal that big brands have, but this doesn’t mean you can’t drive thousands or even millions of traffic to your website. This is where search engine optimization and press release distribution play vital roles in helping get your products and services on top of the search results.

Your brand might not be famous for now. Still, if you do SEO right and complement it well with other marketing and PR initiatives, such as press release distribution and social media optimization, you won’t be left behind even by popular big brands.

Learning what the big brands are doing can help you put into proper perspective how you can strategically market your business and get great results despite limited resources.

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