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Ask the Meatman: smoked beef bones, shanks and tendons

Zoe, Ask the Meatman’s official dog bone taste tester, enjoys a large smoked knucklebone photo: courtesy the meatman

If your dog loves treats with a smoky flavor like Skylar does, it won’t be able to resist these. Ask the Meatman owner Craig Meyer uses only bones, shanks, and tendons from beef raised in the United States for human consumption. Each piece is trimmed by hand then smoked in Meyer’s own smokehouse in Jackson, Miss., with 100-percent natural hickory at 170 degrees for a minimum of eight hours (unlike cooked bones, smoked bones are safe for dogs to chew). After smoking, the bones and tendons are flash frozen and shipped free via Priority Mail (they’re loosely wrapped in freezer paper with ice packs). 

Meyer calls his products “old fashioned-style butcher shop dog bones”: small-batch, artisan, all-natural bones with no preservatives, chemicals, salt, or artificial flavors or coloring. There are five varieties in various sizes (extra large knucklebones, large knucklebones, puppy chews, shanks, and tendons), and there’s a variety pack so your dog can try all five and find a favorite. Skylar’s top pick: the tendon chews (the “Achilles tendon” from the hind leg), which have a little extra meat on the bones and last for hours.

Ask the Meatman: Smoked beef tendon chews $39.97 for six; variety pack (one of each) $29.99; puppy/small dog chews $29.97 for 20; free shipping; 573-837-7651, or (by using Amazon Smile, you can select a charity and Amazon will make a donation for every purchase).

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