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Dogs Love Kale treats

Kale — kids hate it, dogs love it photo: susan dyer reynolds

When Jazzy was sick with cancer, we took her to Los Angeles once a month to see Dr. Richard Palmquist, one of the country’s top holistic veterinarians. The first thing he told me to do was make Jazzy’s diet 30 percent vegetables by adding organic kale and broccoli, both known as “super foods” and cancer fighters. I ground up the veggies in a food processor with homemade chicken stock and poured it over her food every night. She loved it. So when Skylar received a sample of “Dogs Love Kale” in her Bark Box, I was thrilled to find a healthful vegetarian treat with kale as the main ingredient.

Made in the United States, the treats contain just four main ingredients — kale, rice flour, whole oats, and flax — and come in three flavors: peanut, pumpkin, and apple. Sky loves peanut butter and pumpkin, so I keep both varieties on hand and they’ve become one of her favorite treats. I also put them in her homemade fro-yo — one at the bottom and one on top (for my pumpkin-peanut butter fro-yo recipe, visit and search for “doggy frozen yogurt”).

Dogs Love Kale treats are available across town at Noe Valley Pet Co. (1451 Church Street) and at with free Prime shipping (7 ounces, $7.55). For more information, visit

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