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Freeze-dried whole chicken necks by Fresh is Best

Skylar’s favorite treats come in small orders and in bulk photo: susan dyer reynolds

Some dogs will eat anything. Skylar isn’t one of them. From death row to the pickiest pit bull on the planet, Sky has been known to turn her nose up at the most delectable of treats. There is one thing, however, that she will do all three of her tricks for and even drool a little waiting for us to open the bag: freeze dried whole chicken necks by Fresh is Best.

Established in 2001, Fresh is Best was an early player in the “Made in the USA” pet food game. They start with fresh meats and produce raised or grown in the United States and use only USDA-inspected, human-quality meats, vegetables, and supplements. Each package of whole chicken necks is approximately a full pound of raw meat before moisture is removed. The bones are safe to eat because the freeze-drying process turns them into crunchy “brittle” that is easily chewed and digested. The freeze-drying also makes the necks easy to break into small pieces for cats and small dogs or to use as training treats with larger dogs. For really big dogs, Fresh is Best also offers whole duck necks and whole turkey necks (Sky loves all three, but I find the chicken necks more manageable).

If you are a raw feeder, you can also take these treats on the road and rehydrate them overnight to have conveniently fresh chicken necks without the mess. If necks aren’t your pet’s thing, Fresh is Best also offers freeze dried chicken, turkey, duck, and beef hearts, livers, giblet rounds, meat and veggie morsels, poultry breast tenders, and salmon steak niblets.

Fresh is Best is hard to find at local pet stores (Pawtrero sometimes carries a few items, but not the necks) so I buy them online at, a family-run small business selling healthy, USA-made food and treats for nearly a decade. Not only do they have the best prices on the chicken necks ($9.97 per package), they offer a 5 percent returning customer rewards discount. Shipping is a flat rate of $6 for orders under $50, and free for orders over $50 (I buy the chicken necks in bulk).

You can find the full selection of Fresh is Best freeze dried pet food and treats as well as more information at

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