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Hear Doggy ultrasonic toys

Hear Doggy flats and stuffed squeakers are audible only to your dog

I must admit I was skeptical when Steve and I came upon Hear Doggy ultrasonic toys at Pet Food Express — until I squeezed one from behind my back and Skylar and Blue started cocking their heads from side to side though we heard nothing. Hear Doggy says their toys are made with “a squeaker only your dog can hear,” based on the scientific fact that dogs can hear sounds at a higher frequency (0 to 45 KHz) than humans (0 to 20 KHz). Tuned to a 24 to 28 KHz frequency makes the toys squeak in your dog’s hearing range, but not in yours. The benefit is obvious if you’ve ever had to endure the endless irritating squeaking of a toy (in our house it lasts until Blue, the queen of squeaker killing, silences it for good).

Hear Doggy ultrasonic toys come in two plush designs: stuffed, available in small and large sizes; and flats, which have no stuffing and come in one standard size. Skylar’s favorite is the whale; however, she’s at that puppy age just before the “terrible two,” so she likes to star in her own version of Game of Thrones, disemboweling toys and leaving a living room full of stuffing guts. Next time I’ll check out the flats.

Hear Doggy ultrasonic toys:

$5 to $15; available online and at Pet Food Express stores.

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