Phil Rosenthal Is On Fire And It’s Delicious, Writes Michele Stueven

” Food is the great connector and laughs are the cement.” – Phil Rosenthal (Courtesy of Netflix © 2022)

Phil Rosenthal is a man who knows, and loves, good food. It’s an exciting time for the self-described food, as his eponymous James Beard awarding-winning series Somebody Feed Phil debuted for its fifth season this month and the inaugural episode of his podcast “Naked Lunch” goes live this week. Not a man to rest, Rosenthal also has a book slated to be released this coming October that tells all the stories behind the aforementioned hit series. While it may be hard to separate the man from the appetite, Rosenthal is known for much more than his culinary pursuits as the creator of the Emmy-award winning show Everybody Loves Raymond. For those not as accomplished, it really does seem like everything Rosenthal touches receives a Michelin Star, but that’s not exactly the case. L.A. Weekly Food Editor Michele Stueven sits down with the man himself to break bread and share a frittata along with secrets as they rap about the rollercoaster that is success. 

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