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Last month Northern Station welcomed its new commanding officer, Capt. Derrick Jackson. The San Francisco native and 27-year police veteran has worked on the gang task force and most recently served in the robbery division of the Major Crimes Unit. “I am aware there will be new challenges that await me as the commanding officer of Northern Police Station, but know that I am ready to tackle them head-on,” Jackson wrote in a message to residents.

Below is a selection of recent crimes reported by the officers of Northern and Central Stations. On Twitter, you can follow Northern Station (@SFPDNorthern) and Central Station (@SFPDCentral).

Alias Smith and Jones

Jan. 17, 7:40 a.m.

3600 Block of Broderick Street

Four officers responded to a reported residential burglary and located a suspect in front of the building. The resident reported that she was at home while the subject tried to push on the door to open it and get past the door’s locking mechanism.  The subject had someone else’s identification and gave the officers several aliases. The subject was eventually identified through a fingerprint database and was booked for multiple charges, including attempted burglary.

Good Samaritan

Jan. 18, 2:40 p.m.

Van Ness Avenue and Clay Street

An elderly woman at an intersection was accosted by a subject, and when someone intervened, the subject attacked the good Samaritan, who suffered a laceration to the face. A police officer arrived and detained the subject. The victim was treated at the scene for nonlife-threatening injuries. The subject was booked for aggravated assault with an enhancement for committing a felony while out on bail.

Breaking and attempted entry

Jan. 19, 11:45 p.m.

1000 Block of Post Street

A witness described a person attempting to burgle a store. An officer arrived and detained the subject, who admitted to breaking the glass on the store and trying to get in. The subject was booked at County Jail for attempted burglary.

Bad Neighbor

Jan. 23, 11 p.m.

1500 Block of California Street

A neighbor dispute at a residential complex brought two officers to the building, where a victim and a witness told them a subject had threatened to kill the victim, chased the victim, and held a knife over the victim in a threatening manner, and then punched the victim. The officers detained the subject at his residence without incident; he was arrested for battery and criminal threats and was booked at County Jail.

Stop, Thief

Jan. 28, 8 a.m.

Unit Block of Marina Boulevard

Witnesses and victims described a vehicle that had been reported stolen. Two officers contacted the victim and located the vehicle, which was unoccupied. The victim reported that he recognized the accused thief as a known shoplifter and attempted to retrieve items being taken. The subject threatened the victim and left the store without any attempt to pay. Officers located the subject nearby and detained him without incident. He was arrested for robbery, possession of a stolen vehicle, and issued a warrant for vehicle tampering.

Violent robbery

Feb. 3, 11:15 a.m.

400 Block of Broadway Street

The suspects had already fled the scene before officers arrived in response to a reported armed robbery of a store. The store clerk said that three unknown assailants ambushed him in the store and demanded money. When the victim was slow to respond to the demands and threats, one suspect pistol whipped the victim, causing visible injury to the head. Video surveillance showed the three individuals violently attack and rob the clerk. They fled southbound on Montgomery Street.

Breaking and actual entry, part I

Feb. 3, 1:44 p.m.

900 Block of North Point Street

An officer was told that overnight, an unknown suspect shattered the front window of a business, then entered and stole merchandise. The thief then exited via the window and fled. The interior cameras did not catch the view of the window.

Breaking and actual entry, part II

Feb. 6, 7:04 a.m.

700 Block of North Point Street

A witness told officers that overnight, an unknown suspect broke the front window of a business, reached through the window and removed clothing from the display case. The subject fled the scene prior to the officers’ arrival.

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