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Guns and cars: Tracking the latest crimes

Another auto burglary catch

May 17, 7:10 p.m.


Officers were conducting auto burglary surveillance when they witnessed some subjects driving a vehicle and casing various parked vehicles. They saw one subject exit the vehicle, approach the rear side of the victims’ vehicle and then reenter his vehicle carrying various bags that he did not have earlier. Officers followed the subject’s vehicle and broadcast the description to other officers.

The Northern Station Street Crimes unit responded and successfully located the vehicle, approached it, and found the subject in the passenger seat with stolen property and broken glass on his person.

The property was recovered and the subjects were arrested without incident.


May 17, 11:38 a.m.

1700 block of Union Street

A therapist’s client began to obsess over the therapist, leading the therapist to limit her contact with the patient. The subject harassed the victim and her family with text messages and emails, threatening to harm herself. She was not taken in on a 5150 involuntary detention because she did not meet the criteria when the police officer arrived.

But one day when the therapist was in her office on a phone consultation with a different client, the subject barged into her office, yelling at her. When the therapist tried to call the police, the subject stole the phone from the victim, who tackled her in a successful attempt to retrieve her cell phone.

The subject then fled the office, but police contacted her by phone and she agreed to meet with officers, who arrested her without further incident.

Mystery gun

May 10, noon

Steiner and Green Streets

Officers witnessed a vehicle committing numerous traffic violations, so they stopped the vehicle. The driver admitted to never having a driver’s license. The officers performed a computer check and learned that the subject had been convicted on an unrelated concealed firearm case.

As officers searched the vehicle, the subject informed them that there was a firearm inside, and they located and seized a loaded pistol with a high-capacity magazine. The subject said his passenger had no knowledge of the firearm, and the passenger was just cited for not wearing a seatbelt.

The make of the firearm is unknown. The gun, which was labeled “9 mm” and had markings indicating it held 33 rounds, had a polymer frame and metal, both with no words or insignias. The serial number plate was blank.

The subject was arrested.

Street encounter

April 24, 10:12 p.m.

Sansome at Green Streets

The victim was walking along when an unknown suspect pulled out a firearm and pointed it at her, stating “Give me your stuff.” The victim said she did not have anything.

The suspect then struck the victim on the forehead and fled.

Worksite altercation

April 12, 9 p.m.

Pacific and Gough Streets

Responding to a call concerning someone with a gun, officers arrived to find the subject bleeding from wounds to his head. They summoned paramedics to treat him.

Witnesses and victims told the police there had been an ongoing dispute with the subject regarding theft at their worksite. That day, the victim had approached the subject to discuss the thefts, at which point the subject became irate and a verbal altercation ensued. The victim said the subject left the scene, only to return with a pistol in his waistband. Fearing for his life, the victim grabbed a nearby construction tool to use in self-defense and called for help from his coworkers. He hit the subject on the head, and the victim and witnesses then removed the handgun from the subject’s waistband and called police.

The subject was cited on the scene for the weapons violation.

Preemptive gang attack

April 8, 2:07 p.m.

Polk at Bush Streets

Police arrived at the site of a reported large fight. While taking statements from victims and witnesses, it was determined that one person who was detained was in fact a victim and not a subject. As more victim statements were taken, the picture of what happened began to become clearer.

Four subjects were involved in an attempt to take property from the victims. The victim who had been detained said he had been approached by one of the suspects outside the Playland Bar; the suspect pointed a gun in his direction, and in self-defense the victim punched the subject. He saw two of his friends involved in a physical altercation with two other subjects.

Witnesses provided descriptions of the subjects, and one of the witnesses recognized one of the subjects and pointed her out to the officers. The subject was approaching another of the subjects, and officers intercepted both of them and placed them under arrest. Another subject was arrested in the Mission District following the distribution of a crime alert.

Police seized a Colt 38 firearm off one of the subjects.

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