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Reports of crimes in cars and homes

This month’s crime roundup includes reports of burglars and other unwanted visitors. Northern Station Captain Joe Engler recently highlighted yellow signs from 25 MPC, part of the city’s municipal police code regarding private trespass. It creates an area of safety around homes and businesses.

“The signs are to be posted in a conspicuous location . . . in plain view of would-be trespassers,” Engler writes. “These posted signs, which are enforceable for 12 months from the date of posting, are used to issue both infractions and misdemeanor citations to persons remaining upon properties without the owner’s consent.” Repeat offenders can be jailed.

You can get a copy of the “no trespassing” document from the Northern Police Station at 1125 Fillmore Street.

Here’s a sampling of recent crimes in the districts covered by the Central and Northern SFPD stations.


Sept. 23, 9:40 p.m.

2000 block of Sacramento Street

A building manager noticed the subject trying to gain access to an apartment building. The manager heard a banging noise from the subject and noticed that he appeared to be tampering with the door to gain access. The manager yelled at the subject, who fled on foot. The manager reported the incident to the police.

Soon thereafter, witnesses called 911 regarding an auto boost in progress. The description of the auto boost suspect matched the description of the attempted apartment burglar. Numerous officers responded, and after a search they located the subject a few blocks away at Octavia and California Streets and successfully detained him. Several positive “cold shows” with a witness, the auto boost victim, and the apartment burglary confirmed the suspect’s role. He was arrested without incident.


Sept. 28, 8:01 p.m.

1500 block of Chestnut Street

Officers responded to a call of a hot prowl burglary in progress. A woman said that when she arrived home, she noticed some items had been misplaced and her garage door was open, but she thought her husband had left their home in that manner. Once she was inside the home, she saw the subject sitting on her couch. She yelled at him to get out, and she told her son to leave the home and call for help.

She took photos of the subject and left the residence to wait for the police officers. Once they arrived, they conducted a walk-through of the residence and the backyard. When they opened a door in the rear of the house, using a flashlight they were able to locate the subject. They placed him under arrest without incident. The victim positively identified the subject as he was led from the home.


Oct.13, 2:47 a.m.

2900 Block of Laguna Street

A woman walked from a bar to her home; unable to unlock her door, she fell asleep on her doorstep. A male suspect approached and assaulted her, stealing her wallet before fleeing. The victim awoke and flagged down a passerby to call 911.

Three days later at about 4:30 a.m., a different female was walking on Fillmore Street near Lombard when she was approached from behind and assaulted. When she tried to call for help, her assailant covered her mouth. He was startled by a passing truck, and the victim was able to break free and find a passerby to call 911.

One day later, the police officer who wrote the initial report for the second incident found a suspicious vehicle with a subject sleeping inside on Steiner Street. The sleeper matched the physical and clothing description of the suspect from the assault. In addition, the vehicle was searched and found to contain the stolen wallet of the victim from the assault on Oct. 13. Special Victim Unit investigators responded to the scene and the subject was arrested.


Oct. 16, 8:09 p.m.,

Fillmore at California Streets

Plainclothes officers received a report that a red SUV with two suspects in it had just been involved in a burglary of a gray Land Rover and was headed northbound on Fillmore Street. A few minutes later they spotted the SUV and attempted a felony stop. The occupants refused to follow commands to turn off the vehicle. The officers were able to approach the vehicle and remove the individuals — three in total. A witness identified the vehicle as the one used in the Land Rover burglary, and the SUV’s license plate was found to have been stolen from a Sunnydale Toyota.


Oct. 17, 6:30 p.m., Waverly at Washington Streets: Several people surrounded and began assaulting the victim; one of the suspects took the victim’s phone and wallet.

Oct. 17, 8 p.m., unit block of Windsor Street: A male victim discovered his front door was unlocked and several items were missing from his apartment.

Oct. 19, 1:35 a.m., Jackson at Columbus Streets: Some suspects were seen harassing women crossing the street. The victim told the suspects to stop; the suspects then assaulted the victim.

Oct. 19, 5 p.m., Pine at Montgomery Streets: Two people were surrounded by four males. One knife-wielding suspect demanded their property.

Oct. 21, midnight, unit block of Drumm Street: Someone asked the victim for change, but the victim replied “no.” The suspect struck the victim with his skateboard, causing him to lose consciousness.

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